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Be part of the success story

The big story has been and always will be in Western European developed countries, that the ever growing UK economy and particularly the unprecedented growth in London has never been seen before. London is a leading global centre for business and is an internationally recognised success story. A selection of recent British real estate success stories are available for further reading. Great economic facts and cultural heritage synergised with modern innovation makes property assets in the biggest Western European capital and new developments very valuable. So, be part of the British success story and create your part of history with us. Property Character is a real estate development and investment group which is comprised of various special purpose vehicles controlled by our shareholders and has a variety of opportunities to become involved in, depending on your resources and capital appetite.

Build up your property character

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Evidence the success story

The big picture can be seen and heard regularly! We get together every week to keep you updated with what is going on in the property market, with the latest industry trends and Q&As with experts! Property Character arranges themed weekly round-tables and conference events of one or two days duration, with a relaxed atmosphere for networking with refreshments, catering and a wine reception in Central London. The combined training sessions with workshops suit both property beginners and specialists enhancing their knowledge, skills and continuing professional development. Our RICS qualified and other property experts will provide you with London real estate regeneration news, sustainability and building regulations, market updates, details of the latest trends and many other complex matters including leasehold, landlord and tenant legal issues and asset management. Most importantly, we will cover practically oriented case study analysis, together with property development and investment appraisals, cash-flows and financial implications both in residential and commercial sectors. We also arrange one off day events in various international destinations. Come and meet us!

Upcoming Property Events in London

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    Share in the success story

    For qualified investors, we provide the opportunity to expand your property portfolio in the safe London property market. We also provide opportunities to invest in other attractive European regions. To cater for different appetites, we provide two separate shareholder tiers depending on your preferences:

    • Debut Projects with low capital entrance for shares and low property value lots with the ability to choose the desired property asset classes, and 
    • Advanced Projects with combined property asset classes and a more mature capital entrance allowing for the acquisition of higher value property lots and accomplish city like schemes with economies of scale.

    As a qualified investor you are away with just a few clicks to start assembling your property portfolio in a world-class growing capital like London and other Western European counterparts