PROPERTY CHARACTER is a London based multidisciplinary real estate group having the benefit of both the professional expertise of RICS-qualified chartered surveyors and the practical experience of implementing that expertise, through development and investment portfolio project opportunities, working for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We are a London based Group made up of Real Estate Experts, Chartered Surveyors, Building Specialists, Property Valuers, Investment Asset Managers and other industry professionals qualified by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and various official organisations.

Areas of Our Real Estate Expertise

Residential Properties


Industrial / Warehouses

Hospitality / Hotels

Retail / Shops

Petrol Stations

Rural and Land

Sustainability / Eco

Property Investment

Valuation and Rating

Property Management

Rent Reviews

Lease Renewals

Property Finance

Legal / Compliance

Dilapidations / Surveying

Property Development

Site Finding / Feasibility

Development Appraisals

Acquisitions and Sales

Mixed-used Assets

Building Surveying

Design and Fit-out

Planning Applications

Vision & Mission

Our VISION is to become a truly appreciated globally sustainable property organisation, helping the community to meet its real estate demands and keeping investment sources supplied progressively.

Our MISSION is the security of our shareholders, turning them into landlords with property assets, as well as to provide the private rental sector and leaseholders with real estate options, managing each portfolio within the required timescales and budgets to the required quality expectations and with the desired market benefits.

London and its commuter hinterland will always be the centre of gravity. Our goal is to work together with all stakeholders to meet real estate challenges and growing demand in the largest Western European megalopolis providing our professional insight, determination, energy and aspiration to achieve results.


Our business model is empowering and is aimed at the interests of our shareholders and founded on 8 core principles:
1.  Sourcing and securing undervalued and/or potential property assets
2.  Simultaneously assessing the potential of creating present and future worth
3.  Bidding for and acquiring potential real estate assets
4.  Developing and preserving the potential value of property assets
5.  Proactively managing the property facilities adding additional values and benefits
6.  Generating a favourable return of assets
7.  Realising the value of those added cost benefits to institutional investors within a time frame
8.  Focusing on the next investment opportunities for growth


The shareholding opportunities communicated by Property Character to its qualifying members on the basis of such investor recipients’ status are available only to the qualified investor’s categories on our website. Property Character separately registers and verifies investors’ categories and may also provide them with information on properties which, should they choose to do so, will be available for them to invest in by acquiring shares or loan notes in a corporate vehicle known as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and/or a Property Company (PropCo). Further information regarding different types of projects, including class of assets and structures, can be found on the following pages: Projects and Shareholding Process. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on the Support page for potential shareholders.

The Prospect Of Becoming A Serious Property Market Player

We discuss to engage with potential shareholders to form a large Property Group and / or Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) as well as to arrange related European Property Funds with regulatory provisions. There are many advantages for the shareholders. Firstly, a REIT is a replica of a fund. Shareholders have a ready-made diversified property portfolio simply by buying shares in a single entity rather than buying them themselves. The shares make it easier to access the property market as shares are more liquid than real estate. Secondly, the REIT benefits more from taxes. REIT’s pay no tax on their rental profits and no tax on their capital gains. The capital gains exemption is something they share with a lot of other UK fund vehicles, but the exemption on income is what gives an edge to a REIT. The scheme is to shift the tax burden from the fund level to the investor. Each shareholder is deemed as running his own private property venture and so the shareholder is placed on the same footing as if they were investing directly. REITs must pay out at least 90% of their rental profits to shareholders – they are effectively a conduit for passing on the rent. The other good point: unlike partnerships, capital gains are not imputed to shareholders each time a property is sold – gains are only taxed if and when investors sell their shares.

Fundamentally, we are getting resourcefully prepared for the above milestones now. Already, the shareholders can start and “test the waters” throughout our diversified property project opportunities. The earlier the shareholders and financial institutions get involved in our entities, the more financial rewards they will have when the REIT structure is listed on the stock exchange. Currently, all our shareholders have day-to-day management control over all property decision making. We welcome strategic shareholders into our real estate structures.


The Group consists of a number of segregated legal entities which owns each property respectively. Shareholders have day-to-day control over the management of the property carried out by each separate company’s directors.

From an administration and property management point of view, Property Character is made up of a number of highly experienced industry professionals from RICS qualified chartered surveyors, chartered accountants, certified financial analysts, marketers, real estate development and investment specialists who have considerable expertise in advisory, valuation and asset management roles and in the residential and commercial property sectors.

The team is able to carry out fast and flexible property market assessments and investment analyses, whilst performing day-to-day operational tasks and maintaining a long term focus on developing solutions to fit its shareholder’s requirements.


The Group is growing and open for senior directors and partners, industry professionals and newly graduated talent, as well as for executive and non-executive management positions from strategic shareholders to join our expert team.

We are always keen to hear from

CHARTERED SURVEYORS and REGISTERED VALUERS (both in-house and for independent project involvement)

as well as to hear from any calibre of the expert community, including:

  • Investment and Fund Managers (FCA / CFA / ACA registered individuals)
  • Architects and Designers
  • Land, Development or Construction Specialists
  • Lawyers, Legal and Compliance Experts
  • Event Organisers and Marketers
  • IT Individuals
  • Other Real Estate and Related Industry Professionals who are looking for a job or want to explore career opportunities.

We are also welcome placement agents and brokers to work together with us in various domestic and international locations.